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Extract from the debt collection register
(information content, costs)

Extract from the debt collection register (information content, costs)

Anyone, who can substantiate an interest, e.g. by presenting a court decision or an open invoice, may order an extract from the debt collection register about a person or company (similar to the SCHUFA information used in Germany, i.e. actually a kind of "Schufa Switzerland", but not organized under private law). The proof of interest has to be enclosed, the office charges an official fee of currently 18.- CHF, possibly plus postage. Pfändung Schweiz

The request must be sent to the debt collection office responsible for the debtor's place of residence or business. However, the office does not check whether the person or company in question is actually registered in its catchment area. Some offices indicate on a voluntary basis whether the person in question has already moved. The extract also only provides information on which debt collection measures this debt collection districts have been carried out. There is no central query option that includes all debt collection districts. In the case of debtors who frequently change their place of residence, it may be necessary to order extracts from several debt collection offices in order to obtain a precise overview.

In the register excerpt all lifted debt collections of the last 5 years are noted. It can be seen who has carried out the debt collection and for what amount, whether the debtor has lodged an objection and whether the claim has been paid. The excerpt from the loss certificate register also provides information on the amount of garnishments that could not be executed and other creditors who still have outstanding claims.

From an extract from the register, therefore, it is primarily possible to read off a person's overindebtedness. It is not possible to say whether a person who has not previously had any or only a small amount of debt has sufficient attachable income or assets.chweiz

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