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We encounter contracts in all sorts of situations in everyday life and their importance, as well as the need for disciplined and targeted design, is often underestimated. For example, contracts when building or purchasing a house, loan agreements, agreements in the ongoing employment relationship, general terms and conditions, purchase contracts of any kind and of course, for companies, complex purchasing or project contracts. The layperson often skims the text and is surprised that in the event of a dispute, the very points that were at stake in the negotiations were not clearly regulated in the contract. A good contract is characterized by the fact that the interpretation possibilities for third parties who have to decide in case of doubt are reduced to a minimum so that the contract text offers a solution to conflicts at a later point in time and a contentious or even legal dispute can be avoided. It is often hardly possible for an involved party to adequately recognize this third-party perspective. With the “insider knowledge” and understanding at the time the contract is concluded, a completely different interpretation is possible than will be available to a third party in the future or to the parties involved after some time. The frustration over a negative judicial interpretation is often caused by an unclear regulation in the contract, which forces the court to decide at its own discretion based on less favorable legal regulations or without detailed knowledge of the background. This is where the sentence “In court and on the high seas you are in God’s hands” probably comes from. However, this does not have to be the case, or at least the supposed uncertainty can be significantly limited through professional contract management and expert advice that focuses on precisely these details.

The law firm Dr. Dr., which has been experienced in this area for many years, will support you here. Faßbender lawyers & mediators in individual contracts as well as complex international project contracts, purchasing contracts, negotiations, risk assessment of difficult-to-negotiate contracts and much more.

In order to conclude contracts, tenders are often the first step towards contract initiation at the interface between the business world and the public sector. Even in this early phase, our law firm provides you with reliable support so that you recognize and meet the formal legal requirements of the tender. If you have any doubts about the proper conduct of a tender, we offer you an expert contact person who will monitor the process for you.

In relation to the corporate world, we not only support contract negotiations nationally and internationally, but also supervise contract drafting down to the level of the specific wording. Further monitoring of compliance with the contractual contents follows the initiation of the contracts, but is also offered and carried out by the law firm for existing contractual relationships. Commercial contract management is one of the particularly strong expertise of the law firm Dr. Faßbender lawyers & mediators.

The contractual project design, including the risk assessment of complex project contracts, is also monitored.

Attorney Dr. Dr. iur. Marcel Faßbender makes his clients accessible on generally very advantageous terms. 

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